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Vintage crockery: teacups are not just for drinking from

We are a huge fan of Pinterest at Plum Honeychurch. I’m sure you won’t be surprised to know we have our own Pinterest page with lots of our own images pinned as well as great ideas from other “pinners”. (I’m not sure if that’s what they’re called but it sounds good). If you search for […]

Autumn Ice Cream Flavours

  Autumn is finally here and this means time to pack away the ice cream tricycle for the rest of the year and hibernate… er… no. It means get outside and enjoy the changing of the seasons and the golden sunlight. My artisan ice cream makers now bring out some beautifully Autumnal ice cream flavours […]

Summer 2016, well sort of.

  The ice cream season started at the end of March this year, and only recently has come to an end. Therefore I’ve had a pretty long summer. Unfortunately the beginning of the season was not as warm and sunny as the end of the season. This is, however, a great advantage of hiring an ice cream […]