All You Need to Know About Hiring Our Amazing Doughnut Walls.

While everyone knows that I do delicious ice cream, there is another service that I can offer: doughnut wall hire. These are becoming increasingly popular as they look incredible and taste just as good. If you have never heard of a doughnut wall or donut wall then don’t worry, it really is exactly what it […]

Doughnut Wall or Donut Wall it’s all Just Amazing!

  You say Donut Wall, I say Doughnut Wall, we all say yummy. We have created our very own Doughnut Wall with the help of the creative team at Made Up Interiors. The wall is actually a beautifully large and ornate gold Rococo picture frame with a dark grey board to place the doughnuts on. […]

Wedding Showcase at the Royal Berkshire Hotel

  Now the summer is over it’s time for the Wedding Fairs. As a rule I don’t tend to do many wedding fairs as they can be a bit of a damp squib if they are not handled properly but I’m always happy to attend a wedding showcase at the Royal Berkshire Hotel as I […]