Donut Wall Hire

A Donut Wall is a great addition to a grand event, a treat for a staff meeting or a talking point for a business promotion. Hire our Donut Wall and enjoy freshly baked delicious donuts that you and you guests will love the wall can be hired separately or part of an ice cream package.

Bespoke doughnut walls for hire

Hire our amazing doughnut wall

While everyone knows that I provide delicious ice cream, there is another service that I can offer: doughnut wall hire. These are becoming increasingly popular as they look incredible and taste just as good.

If you have never heard of a doughnut wall or donut wall then don’t worry, it really is exactly what it sounds like and how amazing does it sound – a wall of doughnuts! Is there anything better than this? No, not really.

The doughnut wall

Our doughnut wall is a classic ornate gold framed wall that holds 55 doughnuts on a dark grey board. This stands on a table and is 140cm wide and 80cm high. It can be restocked as and when the doughnuts get eaten.

With all of the doughnuts I provide napkins for sticky fingers. Furthermore, should for some reason (this rarely happens of course), there are some doughnuts left over at the end of the booking, I will pop them in bags for you or your guests to take home. However, as doughnuts are best eaten fresh it really is a good idea to eat them all up on the day or night!


I work across London, Berkshire, Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire taking along my ice cream tricycle and doughnut walls to a range of events. I’ve worked at weddings, proms, balls, private parties and corporate events serving delicious desserts and treats whatever the celebration. They make a great centrepiece or talking point and are also a fantastic addition to any menu. Doughnuts go with everything!


Our doughnut walls are delivered by me and my team so you don’t have the hassle of worrying about how they go together. We will also collect the wall after the event or the next day. Prices start at £200 for the gold framed wall with additional charges for travel.

Don’t forget that I do ice cream too – why not go for a double whammy with your desserts and have doughnut and ice cream?

Take a look at our social media pages for more images of our doughnut walls at events.

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