Autumn Ice Cream Flavours

Me and my tricycle at the Barn at Bury Court
Me and my tricycle at the Barn at Bury Court serving new ice cream flavours for the Autumn


Autumn is finally here and this means time to pack away the ice cream tricycle for the rest of the year and hibernate… er… no. It means get outside and enjoy the changing of the seasons and the golden sunlight. My artisan ice cream makers now bring out some beautifully Autumnal ice cream flavours for this time of year.

Our new autumnal ice cream flavours

How could you resist, Spiced Delica Pumpkin Ice Cream, Salted Caramel with Peanut Praline and Nougat (soft and hard with pistachio) ice cream? Having a party, fireworks display or Halloween celebration, then imagine these delicious flavours with a hot brownie or warm apple pie?

Ice cream is popular any time of year and when you pick the right seasonal flavours it can be a highlight of any event. Christmas will be following hot on Autumn’s heals and who wouldn’t want a Christmas party with an ice cream tricycle serving Christmas Pudding ice cream, Brandy Butter ice cream or Mandarin sorbet after a hot session on the dance floor?

Last December I was serving ice cream at a Christmas wedding at Eynsham Hall in Oxfordshire my tricycle was placed just next to a masterful Christmas tree a library styled room with a big open fire place, large comfy sofas and drinks bar. At around 11pm there was a rush on my ice cream even though I’d been there for nearly two hours everyone all of a sudden had the munchies for more ice cream. I overheard a lot of the guests saying they had to have “just one more ice cream, as when would they have a opportunity like this again!”

So bring the tricycle inside and let the festivities begin!

Photo courtesy of the wonderful Matilda Delves.

Photo taken at the Barn at Bury Court in Farnham

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