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An Ice Cream Parlour in a Bag

So for a limited time only, you can order a mini Ice Cream Parlour in a bag delivered to your door. Celebrating a birthday or special occasion at home, or just want a sweet treat to brighten a long day? We’re offering this contactless delivery to Ascot and surrounding towns. It’s a fantastic ice cream […]

Wedding Showcase at the Royal Berkshire Hotel

  Now the summer is over it’s time for the Wedding Fairs. As a rule I don’t tend to do many wedding fairs as they can be a bit of a damp squib if they are not handled properly but I’m always happy to attend a wedding showcase at the Royal Berkshire Hotel as I […]

What can you do with broken vintage crockery?

Accidents happen and with every cloud there is a silver lining. Having a quick search on Pinterest for ideas I have found some beautiful designs using the broken pieces of bone china and other vintage crockery. Your lovely teacups and cake plates can live on in a new guise. Here is a house number created from […]