Summer 2016, well sort of.

Ice Cream Tricycle Inside
Ice cream tricycle available to hire for weddings, parties and events across Berkshire, Surrey, Hampshire and other home counties.


The ice cream season started at the end of March this year, and only recently has come to an end. Therefore I’ve had a pretty long summer. Unfortunately the beginning of the season was not as warm and sunny as the end of the season. This is, however, a great advantage of hiring an ice cream tricycle over a van. If you don’t want to send your guests out into a cold, wet and windy car park you don’t have too!

My first booking this year was at a classic vintage wedding in a 1940’s style village hall in Staplefield, West Sussex. I arrived just after the fish n chip van was leaving and the wind was starting to pick up. After a quick chat with the happy couple we decided that it would probably be a good idea to set up inside. I found a little corner at the back of the hall right next to the makeshift dance floor for the evening. Guests could have as much ice cream as they wanted and also the Sundae Table was a big hit. When I left two hours later it was dark and rainy outside. I couldn’t image what it would have been like if the guests would have had to brave the elements to make an ice cream sundae, I dare say I wouldn’t have been half as busy as I was inside.

Over that last six months I’ve served ice cream to parties next to the Thames, weddings in the heart of the countryside, garden celebrations, corporate fun days, school fairs, church parties and promotional giveaways. I’ve never had to worry about where I would be placed until I arrived at a venue, often it’s been last minute change of plan, an unexpected rain shower, I’ve moved inside, a glorious Autumn day and I’ve moved outside. Being small and on wheels means flexibility is my middle name. Plum Flexibility Honeychurch, now that really is a mouthful.

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