Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Gated Archway Allen House Walled Garden
This arched gateway was 93mm wide and my tricycle is 90mm wide.


This summer I have squashed, squeezed, pulled and pushed my tricycle into places no normal ice cream van could ever go, as a result I have seen lovely wedding locations and lost a few pound along the way. This is the great advantage my tricycle has over a traditional ice cream van. During summer, I managed to squash the tricycle through a small archway in the walled garden at Allen House in Guildford for their first street food festival, I literally had a couple of millimeters to spare, but this meant I had a lovely spot on the lawns, near the picnic hay bales, the other ice cream seller on that day had a small van which could only fit on the tennis courts.

Ice Cream Tricycle Inside
Inside the marquee next to the dance floor on an rainy evening.


Then there was a beautiful wedding I attended in the middle of July, even though the weather had been lovely all day the heavens opened in the evening, this was not a problem for me though, I had a great spot in the marquee right next to the dance floor, and as you know dancing in a marquee with fifty other people is hot work, the Gin & Tonic sorbets went down very well that night.

My last big challenge was to serve ice cream to a wedding party at The Isis Tavern on the river Thames in Oxford, the only way to access the location was on foot or by boat. I popped down to the wedding venue the day before to drop off all the ice cream toppings and assess how exactly I would get the tricycle on site and how long it would take. There were bridges and kissing gates to negotiate as well as a 500m tow path, but we got there, on time and all the guests were able to enjoy an ice cream on a lazy summers afternoon by the river.

I’m looking forward to see where my ice cream tricycle will go next year.

Children in a Trolly
My little helpers, on the journey back from dropping off the toppings for the sundae table, the day before a wedding at The Isis Farmhouse in Oxford